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Sailing Programs


Come Sailing Clontarf Glebe

Our Sailing Programs

Winds of Care: sailing days and networking for carers

Winds of Joy: helping disabled youth experience optimism

Winds of Change: helping disadvantaged youth learn core skills

Yacht Racing: participate in coastal yacht races

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Winds of Joy

Through 'Winds of Joy' we start to create change.

It's the first step for many on the journey towards accepting their circumstances and believing they can achieve more.

We give disabled and disadvantaged kids and adults the chance to 'try sailing'.

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sailors with disabilities carers day

Winds of Care

Our Winds of Care, Carers' Days are days out on the water for the fabulous people who commit their lives to caring for others who are disabled or disavantaged.

They might be mums, dads, grandparents, guardians, brothers, sisters or friends.

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winds of change SWD

Winds of Change Youth Program

SWD's Winds of Change Program opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning. 

We go beyond the traditional classroom and didactic teaching, instead, offering interactive and engaged learning through the medium of sailing.

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Northern Campaign

Northern Campaign

During July and August each year we head north, offering harbour sailing, ocean racing, coastal training programs, and youth and school programs to Northern NSW.

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Sailing Programs

Yacht Racing

SWD competes in many races. If your aspiration is elite sailing, Wot Eva is SWD’s high performance racing boat.

Should you want a more relaxed, informal sailing experience, Kayle is the yacht. Kayle has also been specially adapted to take up to four wheelchairs.

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