Sailors with disABILITIES

SWD Events scheduled for Thursday 24 October 2019

*SWD Leaders Forum

Time: Thu October 24, 9:00 am to Thu October 24, 11:00 am

Available to Crew Volunteers Only

Crew: 1

The key group of volunteer leaders in regular SWD leadership meetings. By invitation only.

Winds of Change - Sydney wk1

Time: Thu October 24, 10:00 am to Thu October 24, 1:00 pm

Passengers: 15
Crew: 6

WEEK 1 of 8 - The Winds of Change Youth Project opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning. By thinking beyond the paradigm of the classroom and didactic teaching, the Project offers a classroom of the future through the medium of sailing. �THIS PROGRAM IS BY INVITATION ONLY TO CL3 OR ABOVE� Boat call time 9:15 am at CYCA