Sailors with disABILITIES

So where is SWD on the road to Hobart?

We had this motley crew who have come a long way over the last four months. Now we have a good team of yachtsman. We have put our boat back together. Those who have stuck around have put themselves and the team back together. We were having a drink of lemonade at Southport Yacht club and I could not help but feel proud of what we had achieved. Proud as the skipper of my team, but more importantly proud to be part of the team.

The way everyone worked together, when the steering fell apart and the look on Hearnie’s face when the port steering wheel did not work, the things you see when you don’t have a camera! But all in all it was a fantastic team effort.  Just on a personal note it was good watching some of the team step up to the task... we still have a way to go but we are heading north or south actually!

By the way I think the food was lacking.. we have to be able to do better…the only decent thing was Jason’s rolls! I fondly remember our hot breakfasts and dinners on Kayle all pre frozen and warmed in the oven. But hanging on to 22, 23, 24 and 25 knots in the middle of the night and twelve inches of water racing across the deck is good fun. I think 28.7 or 27.7 was our best run.

The race itself started at 1300 hours on Saturday and I had a shocker of a start! Sorry. We cleared out of the heads and got going. A couple of interesting things about the race that you may like to note. We were looking pretty good on course and on Bruce’s suggested track. Although Ragamuffin was getting away from us a bit, the other TP’s were behind us and seaward. At three am we were looking good. Although Rags and this is the interesting point, was stretching us and getting away. We were on their line and they must have been pushing harder than we were

We had a steering problem but that was not until later in the day. Meanwhile the boats to seaward were starting to catch up so they had more wind out wide than us and Rags continued to separate. The net result is we have to push a bit harder to stay in the game this is racing on the edge and that’s what it takes.

Having said all this we went to take our boat back to sea and to complete our first major ocean race since the grounding and we wanted to do this well.

To my mind we achieved everything we set out to do and I would like to congratulate you all on a first class effort.

As I am writing this the boys and girls are on board Wot Eva are returning home and we hope to see them Friday some time ..thanks guys.



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