Sailors with disABILITIES

Winds of Joy in Sydney, November 2016

Verney Road School traveled to Sydney by bus and plane and stayed for a week during which they came on board SWD Sydney’s Winds of Joy program. Daniel got into everything from steering to bow work, including furling the head sail. He really did a great job on the boat from bow to stern.

SWD crew showed Lana how to use the winches on Kayle. Explaining she had never done this before, Lana was brave enough and got on the winch where she stayed for most of the trip.

Once she found her footing she was unstoppable and very proud of her efforts. Lana was excited to get home to tell her grandfather all about her new found winching skills and time with SWD.

School Captain, Daniel, and his Vice Captains delivered a special thanks to Captain Bill and his crew in Sydney.

After docking, Daniel delivered his message thanking the crew for what they showed and the new things they taught the students while on board. Daniel also pointed out how they enjoyed getting to know Captain Bill and his fellow crew.

Verney Road School 1

Verney Road School 2