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Winds of Change week 1 of 8 2018

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Students of Centennial Park School have began their Winds of Change Program for 2018.

WEEK 1 of 8 - The Winds of Change Youth Project opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning. By thinking beyond the usual classroom teaching methods, the Project offers a classroom of the future through the medium of sailing.

Teacher Andrew Russo has provided us with a report of their first day of the Program 

Sail #1, commencing Wed 7/2/18

A beautiful, hot, clear Sydney day for our first day on the water. The students all seem excited, and many of them have never been close to any kind of yacht before and clearly have no idea what to expect. We have ended up with a great mix of students for this program, some older students in years 11 and 12 whom I hope to expose to leadership opportunities, and quite a few newly enrolled year 8 students, for whom the program should help provide a lovely experience for their first term at our school.

The students had all been well prepared with the knowledge that we will be expected to be active participants in the running of the boat and they all contributed well. As usual, the experience of being on a large boat in Sydney harbour was very relaxing and therapeutic and the students clearly enjoyed being outside and seeing the city from such a rare perspective. The older students set an excellent example with their willingness to engage with the boat and the crew and I think the younger students will become more confident and enthusiastic as time passes. The crew was lovely, and quickly formed good relationships with our group, no easy feat given that our cohort of students can be very anti-social at times!

The skipper Jonathan was positive, considerate and enthusiastic and everyone was sensitive to the needs of our students. I hope we can have the same crew as often as possible, as they were a perfect match for our group.

We look forward to another great experience during our next sail.

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