Sailors with disABILITIES

Liam's Story - Wright of Passage

For 17 year old Liam the Wright of Passage Program has not only opened doors for employment, it has provided him with a direction.

In 2017 Liam was finding school a struggle. Having missed a lot of school during his younger years due to a medical condition, it seemed that he was never able to catch up. More than anything he was finding that sitting through lessons at school just wasn’t his way of learning.

‘Last year we were worried about his lack of direction at school' says mum Jody. However 'finding the Wright of Passage Program has given Liam an alternate route to learning as well as opening doors for his future'.

‘Liam has a direction now’ says Jody ‘last year it was a struggle every day to get him to go to school and this year despite it being a long commute each day for Liam from the Central Coast into Sydney to attend the program, he has hardly missed a day’.

‘He has really enjoyed the program and his confidence has really grown.  He knows now that he wants to work with boats, he wants an apprenticeship, and he is very determined’.

David Pescud of SWD is also determined to help Liam to find that apprenticeship, and recently made a call to local Central Coast boat builder McConaghy. Soon after that phone call Liam was invited to tour the company’s facilities and now even more than before this very determined young man has his sights firmly set on gaining an apprenticeship.

Jody says that the Wright of Passage Program has been fantastic and that the change in Liam has been overwhelming. ‘He has direction and confidence now, Liam is always tinkering in the shed, and the skills he has gained from the program have given him confidence in other areas including communicating with people and taking on other projects such as free diving and underwater photography.

Jody says that Liam’s view on life is now ‘I missed out on so much when I was younger, and now I am not going to miss anything else’.

‘We can’t thank SWD and Founder David Pescud enough’ says Jody.

David Pescud says ‘this is just what we do at SWD, we try to help open doors. There are two other participants from the current program that look like they will have a start in traineeships in the marine industry’.

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