Sailors with disABILITIES

From the Helm of Woteva

A few people have asked me about Port Stephens and how are we situated. I will try to pull together the answer for you all in a few words.

The first thing sailing on WOTEVA has to be FUN. We have to sail well as a team. I think we want to sail with a rock star team not a bunch of rock stars.

We all need to enjoy our sailing and to advance the SWD cause. We got our boat back four weeks later than expected, which has meant we have dropped off the Sydney Harbour Regatta and a few training days.

Our sail program is around the blue water point score, winter series, Lord Howe Race and Hobart , with Southport our first ocean race.

I am personally disappointed but convinced that the time will be better spent training on WOTEVA in Sydney rather than participating in the Port Stephens Regatta.

We should have but don’t have a berth for the event which also significantly impairs our capacity to effectively compete. As you can see from the calendar we are short for delivery Port Stephens to Sydney.

While last Saturday was VERY pleasing indeed, we saw some really good things happening on the boat. We still need to build on this and pick up the four weeks we lost.

On the other hand 3 days training in Sydney is a great opportunity for us to experiment and get ready for the winter season and what is to follow. This will allow us to build on our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

 A suggestion might be on the Saturday night we take the opportunity to have a drink and a meal together somewhere close to the club, if someone would like to take charge of this it would be great.

 We also need time to sort out our handicap now we have the true measurements of the boat we will be remeasuring for IRC and ORCI.

 So it is for these reasons that we have decided to withdraw from Port Stephens Regatta. I will be looking forward to seeing you on the boat on the Friday Saturday and Sunday. I will try on Friday to get Simon from OLEC out to check and tune instruments with us.

Thank you all for your efforts to date

Regards, David P


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