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SWD Members News May 2014


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SWD Members News May 2014
Welcome to Members' News

This is the first of our monthly members' newsletters.

As our organisation grows it is vital we keep you all in touch with news and developments, and the most effective and efficient way to do this is via e-news.

We'll be sending two newsletters each month. This one, which is for members only, and a broader one which goes to the whole database.

The first thing we want to say is Thank You! - without our members and volunteers SWD would not exist. We really do appreciate your ongoing support and hard work. Meet some of our volunteers here

And secondly we want to explain that as we grow, more and more of the information you need will be available on the website. So if you're looking for something... the website is the place to go.

We appreciate that this is not ideal for everyone but in terms of accessibility of information and cost effective communication we have to embrace digital media.

If this does not work for you - help is a phone call away on 0414 504 608

See Website

New Volunteer Opportunities

To support our growth SWD needs to recruit more volunteers. We have therefore identified a number of specific on and off water roles

We are currently arranging to advertise these in a number of locations including UTS, Google, Pro-Bono and the sailing press.

If you would like to apply for any of the new roles or know anyone who might be interested please take a look at the volunteer opportunities on our new website

Volunteer Options
Lots of Good Things...

Try Sail Days are continuing 4 times a week and we're on target for taking out 3,000 kids in 2014. Thanks to John, Bill, Gordon and their dedicated teams.

The 3rd Winds of Change program for 2014 with the John Berne School is well underway. Thanks skipper Sharon and your team for great results with a challenging group! These photos show the kids engagement Great work!

All the background work for the Northern Campaign is done and the core team have started meeting regularly for trip planning, boat handling preparation and team building - thanks to Mark and Ron. We wish you a great trip North.

The second stage of our Soldier-on program is continuing through participation in the winter series. It's great to see our participants developing their sailing skills and integrating with our core crew. Good luck in the first race this weekend!

You can read more about our programs here

SWD Programs

Sport and Rec and Westpac Grants
Dick Smith

Dick Smith

SWD has made great strides forwards this year with training of volunteers and accreditation of skippers and crew. This has been made possible thanks to hard work from Sharon, Ian and the boat managers Gary S, Gary D and Jim.

A grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation has enabled us to provide essential sea survival and first aid training programs - thanks Ian for coordinating this.

We've also been awarded a Westpac Foundation Community Grant for our Winds of Change program. This is a great achievement - there were 476 applications and only 65 were funded.

Thanks to Stephen and Dawn for your hard work in putting grant applications together. If you would like to help with further grant applications more details here

Help with Grants
Wot Eva is Ready to Race

Thanks to Graeme Wood's generous donation and ongoing support, Wot Eva has been recommissioned and is ready to go racing this winter.

The photos show the crew working hard and getting familiar with her last weekend.

More photos here

Thanks to owners Robert and Marita and also Graham at Sail Time for letting us use your gorgeous yacht Osprey while we've been working on Wot Eva and Kayle. We really appreciate your support.

Wot Eva Photos

SWD Photo Library...
Dick Smith

Want to take a trip down memory lane?

We're currently busy uploading all the SWD photo library to the cloud...

Take a look at the Flickr library here or click the two circle logo at the bottom of the website

If you'd like to help us with managing our image library check out the brief here

And finally... a massive thanks to those of you who have sent in your volunteer stories. The new faceboat website is a few weeks away and they will all be featured there.

Until next month... Fair Winds

The Team at SWD

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