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SWD's Fantastic Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of SWD - without you we can't run our programs. It's that simple.

Just this month alone Try Sail, Winds of Change, Solider On, Northern Campaign preparation and Winter Series racing are all happening thanks to volunteers.

There's massive input from both sailors and non-sailors. For example, through the power of the Internet, we just recruited our first volunteer from South Australia who is busy working on website content.

We're putting together a supporters gallery of faces here. It's a work in progress... please send a photo to if you're not on the page.

Volunteer stories will be added to faceboat this month. If you're interested in volunteering - here is a story from Sharon Angel explaining how time with SWD has offered her a new path in life. Read the full story and watch the video here

If you want to volunteer with SWD here are the current opportunities available.

Sharon's Story
Steady Ticket Sales in Hanse Yacht Raffle

Team Windcraft's raffle in support of SWD is well and truly underway - tickets are selling steadily. The prize is a Hanse 345 yacht ready to sail away with 12 months Club Marine insurance.

There are just 5000 tickets on sale at $100 - closing date 31st August. Proceeds from the raffle go to SWD.

Supporting this raffle is a very easy way for you to help us to continue our life-changing work. If you can please buy a ticket online today

You can also make a huge difference by spreading the word. Word of mouth is very powerful - please tell everyone you know about the raffle in person or via Facebook/twitter.

Here is a link to download a flier which you can print and put up at work or sporting clubs.

Your help will create change.

Buy Ticket

Help us get $10,000 from Dick Smith

Dick Smith

OK here's a really, really easy way you can help SWD. But we need you to do it this week to keep us in the running for the money...

3 Steps:

1. Go to your local IGA, Wallaroos or Coles and buy a Dick Smith's food product. Jam, Peanut Butter and Breakfast Cereals are great options. Stockists here

2. Take a photo of the foods in your pantry and email or text it with your vote for Sailors with disABILITIES to

3. Email a photo of you showing the products to your neighbours/friends or clients for extra points.

Take a look at the Dick Smith Website for more details


Dick Smith
Sport and Rec and Westpac Grants
Dick Smith

Dick Smith

SWD has made great strides forwards this year with training of volunteers and accreditation of skippers and crew. This has been made possible thanks to hard work from our busy volunteers.

A grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation has enabled us to provide essential sea survival and first aid training programs.

We've also been awarded a Westpac Foundation Community Grant for our Winds of Change program. This is a great achievement - there were 476 applications and only 65 were funded.

Thanks again to our volunteers for your hard work in putting grant applications together. If you would like to help with further grant applications more details here

Help with Grants
Great Sun Herald Article

"A 15-year-old boy called Jordan has just taken the helm of a high-powered ocean racing yacht.

It’s a sunny weekday on Sydney Harbour and a light breeze is pushing along the TP-52 as we head for Taronga Zoo.

The boat is owned by the charity Sailors with disABILITIES, and Jordan is one of four disabled children on board from St George School in Kogarah..."

If you missed this lovely article on Sunday it's here

Read Article
SWD Photo Library...
Dick Smith

Want to take a trip down memory lane?

We're currently busy uploading all the SWD photo library to the cloud...

Take a look at the Flickr library here or click the two circle logo at the bottom of the website

If you'd like to help us with managing our image library check out the brief here

And finally... a massive thanks to those of you who have sent in your volunteer stories. The new faceboat website is imminent and they will all be featured there.

Until next month... Fair Winds

The Team at SWD

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