Sailors with disABILITIES

Northern Campaign 2017 call out for Volunteers

With winter fast approaching, you may be seeking ways to stay active and keep warm. What better than to head to Queensland and volunteer in SWD’s Northern Campaign?

Sailors with disABILITIES, on board Kayle, will sail north to Mackay and return to Sydney over an 8-week period from July 14 (pending final confirmation) to September 29

Along the way, we will stop at Rosslyn Bay, Mackay, Southport, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. At each port Kayle will take groups of disadvantaged and disabled children sailing as part of our Winds of Joy program.

The deliveries between ports vary from one to four days. Generally, The Winds of Joy sails will involve taking a group of between 10 and 15 children out in the morning and another in the afternoon for approximately 2 hrs each. There will also be rest days for the crew to explore the surrounding areas and do boat maintenance work.

This year will be our 20th Northern Campaign. Over the years the Campaign has provided a sailing experience to thousands of children with disabilities, disadvantaged youth and their parents, and allowed them to enjoy the freedom and adventure of sailing.

Accommodation is onboard the boat, but It is not compulsory. Personally we believe that living on the boat in a marina is part of the charm and adventure. Kayle will be fully provisioned on departure and re-provisioned at each port so onboard meals are provided. Again, it’s not compulsory and, occasionally, all or part of the crew will dine on land at cost to the individual. It is also the responsibility of the volunteer to personally arrange and cover the cost of all transportation to and from the ports at which you join the boat.

For some, this sailing opportunity offers the thrill of a lifetime; for others, it is the beginning of a new chapter of change. Join our Northern campaign as a volunteer and you will:

  • Assist with our Wins of joy sails and help lots of enthusiastic kids
  • Explore Australia's fabulous Eastern Coastline at the best time of year
  • Meet like-minded people with a passion for sailing and creating change
  • Gain sailing and boating experience
  • Enjoy fabulous sunsets and sunrises, birds, dolphins and whale watching. There is plenty of time for reading, swimming, walking and exploring the area around the marina or just relaxing onboard with the odd gin and tonic. 

Dates as follows:

Mon     24th   July     Rosslyn Bay WOJ

Tues    25th              Rosslyn Bay WOJ

Wed     26th              Rosslyn Bay WOJ

Thurs   27th              Rosslyn Bay WOJ

Fri        28th              Rosslyn Bay WOJ

Fri      28th   July   Delivery Rosslyn to Mackay

Tues     1st   Aug      Mackay WOJ

Wed      2nd              Mackay WOJ

Thurs    3rd               Mackay WOJ

Fri         4th               Mackay WOJ

Mon      7th               Mackay WOJ

Tues     8th               Mackay WOJ

Wed      9th               Mackay WOJ

Thurs   10th              Mackay WOJ

Fri        11th              Mackay WOJ

Friday   11th August Delivery Mackay to Southport

Mon       21st   Aug   Southport WOJ

Tues      22nd            Southport WOJ

Wed       23rd            Southport WOJ

Thurs     24th            Southport WOJ

Friday    25th            Southport WOJ

Mon       28th           Southport WOJ

Tues      29th           Southport WOJ

Wed       30th           Southport WOJ

Thurs     31st           Southport WOJ

Friday   1st   Sept   Delivery Southport to Coffs Harbour

Tues       5th   Sept    Coffs Harbour WOJ

Wed        6th              Coffs Harbour WOJ

Thurs      7th              Coffs Harbour WOJ

Fri           8th              Coffs Harbour WOJ

Mon       11th             Coffs Harbour WOJ

Tues      12th             Coffs Harbour WOJ

Wed   13th Sept   Delivery Coffs Harbour to Newcastle

Mon      18th   Sept    Newcastle WOJ

Tue       19th              Newcastle WOJ

Wed      20th              Newcastle WOJ

Thurs    21st              Newcastle WOJ

Fri         22nd             Newcastle WOJ

Mon      25th              Newcastle WOJ

Tues     26th              Newcastle WOJ

Wed      27th              Newcastle WOJ

Thurs   28th               Newcastle WOJ

Fri        29th               Newcastle WOJ

Friday   29th   Sept    Delivery Newcastle to Sydney

Please remember that all delivery crews and Winds of Joy volunteers must meet the relevant criteria listed below. Also, it is in the spirit of the campaign for crew wishing to do deliveries to contribute to Winds of Joy sails as well, so those volunteers helping with Winds of Joy Sails will be given preference on deliveries.

Delivery departure dates are always weather-dependent and can change at any time. We do our upmost to give all incoming crew the most updated information we can, but Mother Nature runs the show.

Everyone will need:

  • Current SWD Membership
  • Current Working with Children Check    
  • To have attended SWD’s Orientation session
  • A Crew Assessment classification

Those doing deliveries will have, a current Sea Safety & Survival Certificate

If you meet the criteria listed above and wish to volunteer, please follow the link below to register via the SWD website:

Because we are running these programs in Queensland, we are required to have a QLD working with children accreditation which is the BLUE CARD. The application process can take approximately 28 business days to be processed and is free for volunteers.                

Please follow the attached link:

Download, print and forward signed, original applications, including a copy of your photo ID and any other relevant identification documents specified in the NC application form to